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In 1994 a scholarship fund was established in memory of Nancy Clark Glenn, a Glenview teacher and GCCNS substitute. GCCNS is currently able to offer options due to hardship. If you would like more information about these options, please contact the GCCNS Director, Laura Dillon.

KinderQuest is a kindergarten enrichment program offered at GCCNS to all children enrolled in Kindergarten.

Parents- are you looking for a program for your Kindergartener to extend their learning opportunities? KinderQuest is your answer!

KinderQuest offers opportunities for children to explore, enrich and extend their Kindergarten experience while becoming engaged in a rich learning environment. Children will work individually and cooperatively to explore, experience and create through hands-on activities.

KinderQuest is a year-long course that includes activities in science, language arts, math, social studies, reading, art and cooking. Thematic units may include, but are not limited to:

• The Human Body – Our Bones
• Nutrition and Fitness
• Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs – Weather
• Immigration
• Thanksgiving-Turkeys
• Polar Bears vs. Brown Bears
• Exploring the Rainforest
• Alligators vs. Crocodiles
• Polar Opposites (Arctic/Antarctic)
• Let’s Get “Organ-ized” – Our Organs
• Our Five Senses
• December Holidays
• Native Americans
• Global Happenings
• Seeds and Plants
• Going Batty-Learning about Bats
• Discovering Rocks
• Trees

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Join the Summer Fun – Enroll in GCCNS Summer Camp!

For any child who has been or will be enrolled in GCCNS: come and have fun with friends at GCCNS Summer Camp where the playground becomes our classroom. Children will explore the theme of nature in a relaxed atmosphere filled with discovery and outdoor play. GCCNS Summer Camps bridge the gap between the end of the GCCNS school year and the beginning of Park District camps.

Registration for GCCNS Summer Camp 2021 is closed.

Music and Movement classes are open to the public.  You do not need to be enrolled at GCCNS to participate in the class.

Glenview Community Church offers Music and Movement classes for young children on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. These classes, taught by Debbie Berg, are open to the community and all are welcome to join in this morning of musical fun for children ages 9 months to 4 years. Classes are offered during the fall, winter and spring sessions; as well as a modified schedule during the summer.

Come with your child as we will be singing, dancing and playing a variety of rhythm instruments allowing them to develop language, cognitive skills, and social skills in a friendly child environment. Sign language will also be incorporated into the class.

Debbie Berg, a former GCCNS parent, is a pediatric speech/language pathologist and experienced music and movement teacher at Creative Kid’s Corner. Debbie also teaches music in our GCCNS classrooms as well as Enrichment classes at GCCNS.