Social Media Policy

The GCCNS online presence supports a sense of community by connecting people with similar interests, sharing information about school events, building school spirit, and providing ways for people to dialogue. GCCNS aims to ensure that our school, students, educators, and families are not compromised on any form of social networking. However, we acknowledge the important role that social media can play in maintaining a sense of community among the families we serve. The following guidelines ensure the privacy, dignity, and rights of the preschool, students, staff, and families.


All users interacting with the GCCNS Facebook page must do so by using a Facebook account that clearly identities them by their real name. GCCNS employees and board members are personally responsible for the content they publish online. Online behavior should reflect the same, if not greater, standards of honesty, respect and consideration that are used in face-to- face interactions.

If you identify yourself as a GCCNS employee or board member, ensure your profile and related content is consistent with how you wish to present yourself with colleagues, parents and students. Concerns you may have with the policies of GCCNS should not be aired publicly on social networking sites that can be viewed by GCCNS employees, families and/or students.

GCCNS Employees should not accept children and parents as friends due to it being a breach of expected professional conduct unless they already know the parent in a personal capacity before the child starts at GCCNS.


Confidential and proprietary information about GCCNS may not be posted. Material that could be deemed as threatening, harassing, illegal, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, or hostile toward any individual or entity may not be posted.

Chain letters and spam may not be posted at any time.

GCCNS employees and volunteers may not speak negatively about the preschool on social networking sites.

Social media linked to GCCNS may not be used for the promotion of personal financial interests, commercial ventures, personal campaigns or to promote other businesses; however, GCCNS social media accounts may be used to thank local businesses for their support of the preschool.


Last names, addresses or phone numbers of children should not appear in online postings.

When contributing online, never post confidential student or preschool information.

Only children’s first names may appear on our page. Photos or videos of identifiable children will not be posted unless explicit written consent has been given by parent/guardian.

Photos of GCCNS employees may not be posted without their express approval.

Photos of children at school events will be published and shared internally.

Photos of parents/guardians may be posted to promote the sense of community found at GCCNS. Names of parents may be used to acknowledge great work or community involvement.

This policy includes (but is not limited to) the following social networking sites:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Yelp, blogs, discussion

forums, collaborative online spaces, media sharing services (i.e. You Tube).


GCCNS Facebook Code of Conduct: Our school’s Facebook page is a family-friendly community where fans of our school can join in everyday conversations. We love talking with you, and we want your experience here to be enjoyable and educational.

Community Content: It is important to note that any comments, photos, videos, links, etc. posted by fans on our school’s Facebook page are not endorsed by our school, nor do we confirm their accuracy.

Comments: We know there might be times when you have an issue to discuss, but our school’s page is a fan community and as such we will provide more appropriate avenues for issues that need attention. We reserve the right to remove comments that we feel disrupt the fan community or are contrary to our school’s values. We are a child and family-friendly community and operate the same way on this page.