Parent/Teacher Communication

Communication is welcomed at any time via telephone or email. It is important to inform your child’s teacher of any unusual or temporary circumstances that may affect your child (i.e. parents away, illness in the home, moving, etc.). Please inform the teachers of questions or concerns you may have so the situation can be handled immediately.

Picture Bags

Each class has a “PICTURE BAG” with slots for each child. Please remember to remove artwork, newsletters and flyers on a daily basis. Picture bags provide timely parent-school communications. Picture Bags are for GCCNS communication. Any information being put into the Picture Bags must be approved by the Director.

Weekly eBlast

A weekly email update of events, activities and reminders is sent to all GCCNS families on Sundays.


A quarterly school newsletter is distributed via email. This important publication contains a lot of helpful information. Please be sure to read it carefully.

Room News

“Room News” provides weekly information about class activities, books, songs, and finger plays. It helps to encourage conversation with your child about what is happening in his/her classroom.

Conferences (Evaluation & Communication)

Recognizing the parent as the first and most important teacher of the child, we value and encourage strong parent-teacher relations. Conferences are planned for sharing information. Brief informal “Parent/Teacher Talks” are held early in the school year. The purpose of the Parent/Teacher Talk is for parents to share helpful information about their child with the teacher. Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled in November and March. During these conferences, teachers provide information about your child’s classroom activities and his or her developmental growth.


Marcia Kiraly’s email address is: Julie Evans’s email is: Teacher’s addresses will be listed on your child’s weekly classroom newsletter. Parent Board member email addresses can be found on the Parent Board Roster.


Our website,, is a valuable source for current information.

Shutterfly Room Accounts

Each individual classroom will have its own Shutterfly account to “stay connected”.