Safety & Security Policy

NAEYC and DCFS require a stated security policy be in place for the safety and security of all children and staff. For the Safety and Security of all children and staff at Glenview Community Church Nursery School, the following procedures will be followed:

➢ The Glenview Community Church Nursery School entrance doors will be locked during school hours.
➢ If Parents or Caregivers should need to come into GCCNS, they must ring the doorbell at the GCCNS entrance and announce who they are. Marcia or Julie will answer via the phone system and will remotely unlock the door.
➢ GCCNS will be secured through interior locked doors.
➢ Outside playgrounds are fenced, gated and adult-supervised at all times when children are playing.
Fire, Tornado and Lock-Down Drills
Your child’s safety is a priority at GCCNS. Therefore, fire, tornado and lock-down drills are conducted throughout the school year.