Board Roles & Responsibilities

Mission Statement:  The mission of the GCCNS Board is to assist the GCCNS Director and Staff in providing our children the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically through operational support and funding which maximizes school functions, enrollment and programs.

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GCCNS Board Chairperson, GCC member (2 yr. term)

  1. Responsible for preparing meeting agenda and presiding over monthly Board meetings
  2. Works with GCCNS Director and School President assuring the sound functioning of GCCNS
  3. Is a liaison between GCCNS and GCC 
  4. Attends GCC Spiritual Council meetings

GCCNS Board Vice-Chairperson, GCC member (2 yr. term)

  1. Works with the Chair, School President and GCCNS Director to assure the sound functioning of GCCNS
  2. Is a liaison between GCCNS and GCC
  3. Attends GCC Spiritual Council meetings

GCCNS Board Member-at-Large, GCC member

  1. Assists GCCNS Board members as needed
  2. Is a liaison between GCCNS and GCC
  3. Attends GCC Spiritual Council meetings in the absence of the Chair or Vice-Chair

GCCNS School President

  1. Oversees committee activities
  2. Works closely with the Director in the operational functioning of the Nursery School
  3. Collaborates with all Committee Chairs assuring that events run smoothly
  4. Maintains records of the year’s activities and keep files to be passed on to the succeeding President

GCCNS School Vice-President

  1. Assists School President in committee activities
  2. Assists Committee Chairs with their events
  3. Works closely with the Ways & Means Chair to assure events run smoothly and assist with fundraising financials
  4. Assumes role of School President the following year

GCCNS Ways & Means Chairperson

  1. Recommends fund raising projects for the school
  2. Prepares and oversees the fundraising budget
  3. Organizes and directs all fundraising activities for the school

GCCNS Treasurer

  1. Evaluates monthly reports from GCC Administrator for Business and presents findings to the GCCNS Board
  2. Works with Ways and Means Chair
    • Attends fundraising events helping with the collection of money; provide money to GCCNS Adm. Asst. for deposit
  3. Reviews annual budget with GCCNS Director and GCC Administrator for Business
  4. Maintains tuition survey data and recommends appropriate tuition increases to assist the GCCNS Board in budgeting tuition income while maintaining tuition levels comparable to other selected schools
  5. Gives all Treasurer records to the Director at year’s end for 7 year retention
  6. Liaison to the Church Finance Board

GCCNS Secretary

  1. Takes attendance at meetings, and includes in the minutes
  2. Keeps accurate minutes of all GCCNS Board
  3. Emails a copy of the Board meeting minutes to GCCNS Director for review prior to sending to GCCNS Board
  4. After minutes are approved by the GCCNS Board, sends a copy to GCCNS Director for forwarding onto GCC Office mgr.; GCCNS Board and GCCNS Staff
  5. Keeps an electronic file of all additions and changes involving the GCCNS Board, such as voting that occurs via email on open issues outside of the scheduled meeting
  6. Keeps an accurate email list of all families
  7. Sends a weekly eBlast to entire school roster discussing current topics and school events, as well as any additional electronic communications

GCCNS Communications Chairperson

  1. Develops a marketing plan for GCCNS and executes the plan throughout the year
  2. Determines which mediums to use to market the school and its events:  posters, flyers, Internet, social media, GCCNS website, etc.
  3. Works within the Marketing budget, which includes print and online marketing activities
  4. Assists committees with marketing needs throughout the year
  5. Partners with the Director to publish articles in local publications prior-to and after events occur at the school

GCCNS Teacher

  1. Attends GCCNS Board meetings
  2. Liaison between GCCNS Board & GCCNS Teachers and Staff